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About Us

Miss Emma English

A girl with an idea.

Emma English started Soulvegan bakery with a few pounds and an idea.

Simple baked goods, cruelty free and made with love. Emma's goal is to satisfy your taste buds by using healthy and fresh ingredients that are 100% vegan. Each order is individually handmade to ensure the tastiest treats in Cheshire. 

As plant based food consultants, we are helping promote a much needed change in society, a change that is needed to save the planet and save innocent lifes. 

We believe that all animals have a right to life and freedom x 

Soulvegan kitchen

Who is Emma English ?

Hi my name is Emma and I have been baking since I was 13 years old, cookery/baking was called home economics when i was at school! Since then I have travelled the Middle East, brought up my two children, turned into a vegan, study nutrition and health at university and set up my very own on line vegan bakery.

Loving life!

My nephew Evan stroking pooch

So why choose Soulvegan ?

We are a team of chocoholics whose aim is to spread our love of cruelty free baking. In a world where we have choices, be kind to every kind, eat plants not friends and be the change you want to see in the world. 

To be kind and courteous are foundations of a positive customer service experience.

Oh yes and we make cakes!